Crowdfunding Handbags Made From Recycled Tires

(In fact, a search of the term on the entire site yielded only this .) But this item caught my eye for sheer originality and weirdness, I suppose. And interesting it is, for sure. Richmond, Va.-based entrepreneurs Angela Greene, Ken Kobrick and Vanessa Fore are using the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform to reinvent and grow a unique business designed to turn recycled truck tire inner tubes into high fashion handbags, backpacks and other exquisitely well-designed and rugged carry items, notes a press release. Related “I often wonder where my husband carries all his stuff when I’m not with him and he doesn’t have my purse.” A look at the Kickstarter campaign for the Necessary Recycling venture , which hopes to raise $15,000 by early December (theyd topped $1,500 as of this writing), got under way recently toward acquiring 30 tons of discarded tractor tire inner tubes from around the world. To date, Necessary says, itscollected approximately 86 tons of tire inner tubes. Our first2.5 years were spent searching for an eco-friendly cleaning solution.
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Handbags between Iturra and Diego Costa

The pair had been involved in a running feud throughout the match and tangled as soon as the referee blew his whistle. New Spain striker Costa had previously grabbed the headlines after Atletico’s first goal, when he shushed the crowd after converting from the penalty spot.
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